A website for crowdfunding socially and/or politically defiant projects.

What is a “socially and/or politically defiant project”?

Any project adhering to one or more of the following principles: 

Alternative Economics, Other Politics, Other Culture, Environmentalism, Human Rights, Utopias / Dystopias, Transforming / Recovering Spaces, Historical Memory, Gender Equality, Indigenous Struggles, Antimilitarism, Palestine, Red & Black … and others

For example…

A documentary about environmental activists threatened by landlords; a dystopian graphic novel on a corporation-controlled world; a scientific project not focusing on big companies but on human beings; a theatre play created by or for socially excluded population; a research on a forgotten historical episode occurred in your village; a cinema festival on antimilitarism; recovery of deteriorated buildings with socio-cultural aims; setting up a free library with political books; organizing a libertarian seminar; setting up a democratic/alternative school; a barter project in your neighbourhood…

The list seems endless. Shape your own project and tell us.

What does ‘crowdfunding’ mean?

Crowdfunding –or collective microfunding– means collecting small economic contributions from many people to reach a sum of money (or funding goal) that will make a certain project to come true: Mary gives 10 Euros, Amira 15, Takeshi 40 from Tokyo 40 (many thanks, Takeshi)… and so on, step by step until the total amount needed for the project is gathered.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of crowdfunding lies in its truly collective and interactive nature. Not just the projects get the money to go ahead, but all that support comes from a participatory, horizontal, informed and conscious strength which endorse the projects with a high critical sense. That is, all is coming from you.

What is a creator?

A creator is someone who decides to publish a project in namlebee in order to raise the funds for making that project possible.

Even in collective projects the creator will always be a single person, responsible of the project before its backers.

What is a contributor?

Any people contributing money to a project.

How long does a campaign last?

The campaign owners (the creators) must choose between 40 or 80 days to raise the money needed for their projects.

While shorter campaigns are more intense and reach higher peaks of contributions, longer campaigns allow to spread the projects during more time in case the funding goal is a quite high sum of money.

If my campaign is successful, how will I get the money and how much will I get from the total amount raised?

If your campaign ends successfully, that is, it has met its funding goal within the expected time frame, namlebee will transfer this money to the creator’s account except for:

– A 5 per cent taken by namlebee; and – Fees taken by the bank for using its payment gateway. These fees depend on the amount contributed:

     • Until 23 euros: 0,30 euros for every contribution      • From 24 euros: a 1,30 per cent of every contribution

[Bank fees are the same for local and international contributions].

Therefore, when someone contributes 100 euros to a project the creator gets 93,70 euros.

And there are no additional fees for transferring all the money to the creator’s account?

For accounts based in Spain: 1,5 euros.

For accounts not based in Spain: 30 euros.

This amount is taken by Kutxabank and will be discounted (just once, of course) from the total sum transferred.

What if I don’t reach my funding goal?

In this case you get no money at all. If you need 5000 Euros to develop your project and just 4500 are raised (just an example), your campaign has failed and nobody gets any money, nor the creator of the project, nor namlebee.

In that case, what happen with the contributions already made by the people?

When a campaign fails, that is, it does not reach its funding goal within the time frame established by the creator, the contributions fully return to the contributors.

Is it possible for a project to receive contributions after reaching the funding goal?

Yes, it is possible to raise money until the campaign comes to an end, even if it has already reached its funding goal. That extra money might be used by the creators to expand or improve their projects by developing additional aims.

How are the contributions to my project made?

When someone wants to contribute money to your project, (s)he must go to your project page at namlebee and choose an amount of money. Then (s)he will proceed through the payment gateway of Kutxabank. Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards are accepted.

We partner with global experts in online payments to ensure all the contributions at namlebee are processed securely.

Is it possible to contribute money from any country?

Yes, it is. Namlebee is an international crowdfunding platform and payments from almost any country are accepted.

Fees do not increase for international payments, so the creators will get the same amount of money as if you were locally contributing.

Who can post a project at namlebee?

This platform primarily aims at ordinary people and small groups, grassroots organizations and independent media across the world and sharing a similar worldview. Small NGOs are also welcomed.

If you have a project that would shoo Angela Merkel away and have no money to develop it, namlebee is your website.

OK, I am convinced now… How can I post my project?

Just click the Launch your Project buttom and then complete with the information requested, which basically is as follows:

–Title of your project 
–A description of your project 
–Who I am/Who we are [a brief and informal introduction of the creator(s)]
–Funding goal [how much money is needed] and for what you need it 
–Estimated time frame [when your project should be done] 
–Offering “perks” [in exchange for contributions]
–A brief video introducing your project, 3-4 minutes maximum [you can post it later, upon your project receiving green light from namlebee]

Namlebee will evaluate your proposal and, if it fits the philosophy of the website –for sure it will–, we’ll green-light you for editing your project and post it in namlebee.


To encourage contributors, creators can offer the so-called “perks”, that is, benefits for contributors in exchange for their economic support: discounts, objects, acknowledgements, a thank you, services, events and others. [Needless to say, you cannot offer money nor illegal things as a perks]

Perks are proportional to the contributions: by contributing 10 euros, Liz will get X; by contributing 20 euros, Oscar will get X + Y; by contributing 50 euros, Omar will get X + Y + Z; and so on.

When a campaign ends succesfully, that is, it has reached or exceeded its funding goal, creators are obliged to comply with the perks established by themselves during their campaigns. If the campaign ends without reaching its funding goal, perks are automatically cancelled.

Although perks stimulate contributions, we don’t want them to become the core idea for crowdfunding a project in namlebee, due to the very nature of this platform.

That is why we recommend a maximum of 5-6 perks by project, that is, perks for 5-6 different levels of support (for example, 10, 20, 40, 80, 150 and 300 Euros, or any other amounts established by the creators). Anyway, if you would like to offer a wider range of perks you can do it for sure.

IMPORTANT: When deciding the funding goal of your campaign, remember that perks will generate additional costs for you. When setting the different levels of perks, we highly recommend you to roughly calculate those costs and add them up to your funding goal.

That is, if your project needs 3000 Euros and complying with the perks will take an extra amount of 500 Euros, your funding goal should be in fact 3500 Euros. At your project page in namlebee you can specify that 500 Euros of your funding goal will be assigned to meet the perks.

What does ‘editing my project’ mean?

Once your project have a green light from namlebee, we’ll grant you access to your project page, where you can post all the contents related to your campaign in namlebee. What you publish there is what every user of namlebee will learn about your project.

How will the people learn about my project?

Spreading the projects is a key element for a campaign to success. People who doesn’t know your project can’t contribute to it.

Namlebee offers to campaign owners tools for spreading and sharing their campaigns: widgets (with real-time updates), Facebook, Twitter and email buttoms, and a blog hosted by namlebee where creators can post updates, pictures, etc.

In addition, from their project page at namlebee the creators will be enabled to respond –also in real-time if they wish– any question formulated by contributors and people interested on the projects. Interaction should be a basic element of your campaign. Try to make the most out of it.

Spreading the word that a campaign has started in namlebee basically depends on the creators. From the first day to the very last one of your campaign be dynamic, make sure that everybody in your inner circle have learnt about it and try to widen that circle as much as you can. It will work.

Given the nature of this platform and the very nature of your own project, don’t forget independent media (local radio stations, alternative websites, etc), which maybe will find that your campaign deserves attention if you let them know about it.

What is the Honeycomb?

The Honeycomb is a sort of moneybox or help fund offered by namlebee to give a hand to projects that are experiencing difficulties to reach their funding goals. When a campaign is successful, namlebee will take a five per cent ot the total amount raised by the project and will assign a tenth part of this percentage to swell the Honeycomb.

Sometimes a project is getting less contributions than expected and its funding goal seems too far. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the project has no interest for the people. Maybe the spreading campaign is not so strong, or maybe the project wasn’t explained in a good enough way, or maybe it coincides with other very similar projects in namlebee, etc.

The total amount gathered in the Honeycomb will always be on display for everybody to see. When this amount is considerable, namlebee will break the Honeycomb to help some project(s) in need of it.

Will there be a follow-up of the successfully funded projects?

By accepting the Terms of Use of this platform and by posting their projects in it, the creators commit to carry their projects out once their campaigns at namlebee have successfully ended and raised their funding goals. Moreover, they commit to do it within the time frame set by themselves at the beginning of their campaigns.

After their campaigns successfully end, the creators will periodically publish updates in their project page at namlebee until their projects can be considered totally achieved.

If by any circumstances and after meeting its funding goal a project can’t go ahead, the creator will also have committed, by accepting the Terms of Use of namlebee, to return all the money raised through namlebee or be subjected to legal actions by the contributors and/or by the platform itself.

What does ‘namlebee’ mean?

Namle is an Arabic word meaning ‘ant’, while bee is a well known English word; so ants and bees, namlebee… Not a prodigy of inventiveness, but it has a symbolic charge and sounds quite well to us.