1.8 million people in the Gaza Strip continue to suffer the consequences of the Israeli blockade imposed on them as a collective punishment. Although bombs aren’t currently dropping daily, the population is slowly dying due to the blockade whilst our governments do nothing.

We accuse Israel of committing crimes against humanity, but at the same time our governments are guilty of collaborating, because any one of the bullets sold to Israel by Spanish companies can be used to kill a Palestinian child.

We cannot stand by while a crime is committed right in front of us. That is why Rumbo a Gaza is launching this crowdfunding campaign that will help finance the new Freedom Flotilla, that will sail his spring towards Gaza from various European ports in order to challenge the illegal blockade imposed by Israel on the Palestinian population of the Gaza

What are the Flotillas?
The Flotillas are actions aimed at challenging the blockade of Gaza, while also denouncing the passivity of our govenments in the face of human rights violation suffered by the Palestinian population. These actions against the blockade began with the Free Gaza Movement in 2008. In 2009 initiatives from many countries joined to sail together, creating the Freedom Flotilla, which first sailed in May 2010. This attempt resulted in the violent attack by Israel on the Mavi Marmara, which left ten people dead and more than fifty wounded. Since than there have been several other campaigns to break the blockade on Gaza and protest against Israel’s violation of international law.

What is Freedom Flotilla III?

This new international action is once more organising boats to sail and challenge the blockade of Gaza. It is a direct action aimed at attracting world attention again to the genocide that goes on in Gaza and the rest of Palestine.
It calls for respect of human rights of the Palestinian population on the other shore of the Mediterranean and insists that sailing to and from Gaza should be permitted. The Palestinian people must have the right to freedom of movement and trade.


Join us and together we will push these boats on their way to end the blockade and the occupation. Let Israel be judged for the crimes it commits.

Take part in this action by contributing. LET’S BREAK THE BLOCKADE!

What will the funds raised by this crowdfunding campaign be used for?

Various boats will participate in the new action to challenge the blockade. For each vessel, expenses include preparation, fuel, port fees, communication equipment and insurance. The total amount required to carry out the Flotilla work will be covered by the different campaigns that form this international coalition. The boats will sail from different places and some will have a long journey on their way from their port of origin to the shores of Gaza.

The technical equipment is vital to record what might happen as we approach Gaza, as was the case when the Mavi Marmara was brutally attacked. The footage taken which was seen across the world showed the Israeli navy boarding a civil vessel in international waters, in violation of international law.